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Biography for Francesca D'Ottavi
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Selection of Clients
  • AVVENIMENTI magazine/Roma
  • Capstone Press
  • COURAGE BOOKS/Philadelphia
  • ILEX BOOKS/London UK
  • KINGFISHER/London - Paris
  • McGraw Hill
  • Weldon Owen Publishing
Selection of Awards

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I live in the Eternal City, in a small colorful flat on the 5th floor,  

not far from a beautiful park, where you can admire an amazing landscape of Roman ruins against the sunset background. 


Although my tiny balcony does not overlook the park, I like to have the perception that near my house and maybe under too, there is a piece of ancient Roma. 


I work at home in a part of the flat that is the dining and living room too...and that sometimes is a guest room too, sharing my workchair with Meo, our glutton cat.

I draw all the day trying at the same time, to remember everything I need to buy at the market and waiting for my cute boyfriend to return home after work, for cooking the dinner..(because he is the chef, I am not...)


I love to speak by myself when I take a shower and to change the furniture disposition in my house, or try to keep my cat on a diet, but my main interest remains to draw.


I started this job almost without knowing that it would have been the job of my life 

because it has always been a natural pastime since I was a child, when drawing for me was such as writing my own diary...my own secrets.

The best memory of my childhood concerns the big quantity of paper reams that my father brought to me. He was a bookbinder, so finding a sheet to draw on has never been a problem in my house. 


At school I was not really ...ehem...eager to learn, but I often met teachers that encouraged my talent, turning a blind eye on my scholastic results. 

My discouraged parents capitulated and accepted to enroll me to an Artistic High School. 

By that point, my life began to be easy. 

I graduated in Illustration at The European Institute of Design in Rome. 

I started early to work for a wide range of clients in many different specialities, from editorial and publishing to advertising and I have been a background designer and a teacher too. I always found every field of application interesting to explore, passing through advertising to historical recostruction, from landscapes to details, using watercolor or digital painting, drawing with charcoals or wacom tablet!


I am quite happy to live doing what I always loved and I have everything I need.


My only dream for the future is to still continue to work as illustrator 

with my own well organized workstation in a bigger home 

possibly on the beach, looking at the sea from huge windows,

with the same man with me and the same cat sitting on it's favorite sofa...

View artist's personal website: www.francescadottavi.com

Published Books

Bee Life
Illustrated by Francesca D'Ottavi Weldon Owen Publishing
Purchase this book HERE
Bug Life
Illustrated by Francesca D'Ottavi
Cover Illustration by Francesca D'Ottavi
Isis and Osiris
Retold by Cari Meister; Illustrated by Francesca D'Ottavi Picture Window Books
Purchase this book HERE
Cover Illustration by Francesca D'Ottavi
Sarah Palin: Political Rebel
by Nel Yomtov (Author), Francesca D'Ottavi (Illustrator) Capstone Press Graphic Library
Purchase this book HERE
Cover illustration by Francesca D'Ottavi

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