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Biography for Juan Caminador
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Selection of Clients
  • Augsburg Fortess Publishing
  • CRCNA (Christian Reformed Church in North America)
  • EEC International, Inc.
  • K12 Inc.
  • MacMillan Red Wings Learning
  • McGraw Hill Wright Group
  • Nelson Education
  • Wireless Generation
Selection of Awards

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Hi there! 

My name is Juan Caminador, well in fact, it is not my real name, but as everyone calls me in that way, I started to accept it has my real name. I live in Ituzaingo, 22 kms from the capital of Buenos Aires, in Argentina. 


I always loved drawing, since I was a little boy, but it was only in the year 2000 when I decided to study at  "Eugenio Zoppi Comic School".  There I met my teachers: Cristian Mallea and Angel Mosquito, who taught me a whole new world. Before that moment, I only imitated diferents artists, but then I was able to make my own style. The most I love drawing is funny things, people, animals, funny monsters, all in a very simple way!

I love drawing comics too! When I have time, I enjoy writing my own scripts, and then drawing the pictures for it. In fact, at this moment I'm working for one of the most important children's magazines, making a comic called The Adventures of Josephine.

At the same time that I work making illustrations and comics, I also work in a little candy store in the train station.  I really enjoy working there because I meet a lot of people, but the most important part is that I can eat all the chocolate cookies I want.


For original written works by Juan available for reveiw, please contact us.

View artist's personal website: juancaminadorilustraciones.blogspot.com/

Published Books

Fourth of July Fun
by Denise Joy (Author), Juan Caminador (Illustrator) McGraw Hill Wright Group
Mom's New Cell Phone
by George Ivanoff (Author), Juan Caminador (Illustrator) Macmillan-Red Wings Learning

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